Hardware Courses

Offices, homes and industries make extensive use of computers. Telephone calls, ATMs, television programming, etc, all require network connectivity.

Demand for professionals –

According to the Annual Report 2014-15 presented by the Department of Electronics & Information Technology hardware networking (Ministry of Communication & Information Technology), IT services has registered tremendous growth over the past decade. It has been estimated that demand of electronic products & systems in India would grow to about US$ 400 billion by 2020.

According to NASSCOM, direct employment within the IT-BPO sector has reached 3.5 million, while indirect job creation is estimated at 10 million.

With these available career opportunities, this is the time for hardware and networking enthusiasts to find a job and have a bright future. There is a high demand for trained and qualified professionals.


Computer networking is one of the best and perhaps the most robust IT discovery. It helps the world connected and stay as one through the term called ‘Internet’. Following which the scope of networking jobs has seen a tremendous competition with people wanting to be a part of the networking world. People want better and cost effective ways to stay connected. With the ever increasing competition in terms of jobs and the kind of opportunities in the field of networking finding the right job for yourself is good.

Computer networking that finds his history back to the early 60’s has been the epitome of virtual knowledge and communication. Communication through online messages, chatting and even making calls through the computers has become a part of the computer network. The network that connects millions from Japan to America or from Russia to Africa is certainly the new fad. Talking about the scope and width of networking the numbers are never ending. The world has benefited though the networking and made the world come together be it business or personal communication or information. From the hardware to software networking has become an integral part of the world and people want to stay connected 24/7. Hardware like cables, routers and servers lets the world stay connected through various ways. Gone are the days of the jumbled wires, networking is now wireless that allows the users to network anywhere and anytime.

Looking at the good and the kind of features that networking has to offer there is a wide scope for jobs in the field and there are millions of potential around the world. We have the hardware engineers who are well versed with the ins and outs of the networking equipments. Companies need to have the best resources to leverage out the best from their company systems in terms of performance. There are the hardware consultants who provide information on the latest technology in IT and help in the networking infrastructure of the company. They also maintain the servers that stores important information on various projects of the company. These people also help in maintaining video calls and connectivity of the company to the world. The software engineers help in the development of software’s or applications for the internal communication of the employees. They develop various applications that makes communication more feasible and descriptive. Companies have the option of in house recruiting or consulting recruitment agencies. Now is the time of outsourcing that saves a lot of cost for the company and provides better solutions.

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