IT for Beginners

If you’re planning a career in technology, this is the place to start to plan your career. Whether you’re interested in app development or IT administration, these beginner technology courses provide the stepping stones to getting the foundational knowledge you need. You can start in any direction whether it is beginning programming, beginning web development, beginning server administration or security fundamentals. You’ll learn web development fundamentals like the basics of operating systems, server administration, networking and security that prepare you for more advanced training.

If you’re interested in building Windows or web apps, you’ll become familiar with the concepts of software development and the tools and best practices you’ll use to create with C# and HTML. For beginners, there couldn’t be a better place to learn than from Microsoft experts in the industry. Explore our offerings and sign up now!

Computers seem to be everywhere nowadays – mobile phones, cash point machines, mp3 players, DVDs, games machines and digital cameras. If you would like to know a little more about using our systems, finding and exchanging information, and developing and presenting information, then this basic level course is for you!

You will also learn how to do word processing, e-mailing and using the internet.

Entry Requirements? No previous computer knowledge is needed.

You work at an appropriate pace agreed with your tutor at enrolment.

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